Countries / Papua New Guinea
  • Flag:
  • Name: Papua New Guinea
  • Capital: Port Moresby
  • Continent: Oceania
  • Region: Melanesia
  • Region Code: EAS
  • Surface Area: 462,840 km2
  • Land Area: 452,860 km2 (97.8%)
  • Water Area: 9,980 km2 (2.2%)
  • Population: 6,858,000
  • Pop. Growth: 2,28%
  • Density: 35/km2
  • Life Expectancy: 62.4
  • Life Exp. Female: 64.6
  • Life Exp. Male: 60.4
  • GDP (current US$): $9.480.047.616
  • GDP per capita $: $1.382
  • LocalName: Papua New Guinea/Papua Niugini
  • Migrant Total: 24,546 (0.4%)
  • Urban population: 857,283 (12.5%)
  • Urban pop. growth: 2,12%
  • Latitude: -9.47357
  • Longitude: 147.194
  • Incomes: LMC
  • ISO Code: PG
  • Other Codes: PG / PNG / 598
  • Internet Domain: .pg
  • Calling code: 675
  • UN Member: yes
Some players of Papua New Guinea
Elwood, Eroni
Leonard, Don
Elston, Ayden
Benton, Cian
Sami, Jone
McGinty, Samuel
Milletti, Josias
Balsom, Adie
Wakeling, Glyn
Dennerley, Jak
Hayton, Mathew
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