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  • The Challenge Manager is an online game page belonging to the RF, being a football manager online, with real players from the top leagues in the world.
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Challenge Manager

The Challenge Manager is an online game page belonging to the RF, being a football manager online, with real players from the top leagues in the world.

In Challenge Manager you will be the manager of your own football team with real players of the official competition. Your mission is to manage your team and get to have more headlines players in the league, so you have to buy and sell players.

The aim of the manager challenge is to accumulate as maximum points as possible. You compete against all users of the competition in which you have registered.

You can register up to 10 different leagues.

Each manager receives from the beginning a team composed of a number of 15 to 19 players; depending on the value of the players you have been allocated a budget gives you less or more to file initial value being the minimum budget of 5M.

You can align a maximum of 11 players each round and only players aligned will score for the classification of the game, you can choose a captain who scored twice.

Once you have a team and a budget is the moment to looking for the best possible lineup and find in the market players to improve your team.

You can change your team whenever you want before the start of each round, and the last team you saved will be sent. Remember that changes can be made up to 1 hour before the matches.

The transfer market is where the computer and managers can buy and sell players, you can not terminate transfer operations while the transfer market is closed but you can always make and receive offers regardless of the state of the transfer market.

There is only one version of each player in each league: that is only one team in the league may have Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, so your ability will to be the key in the negotiations to get into a great team.

The scores of the players are based on actual matches the official competitions.

Game rules

For each share a player will receive or lose points.

The winner is who ever gets the most points.
Only aligned players receive points. The non-aligned players will rise and fall in value depending on the points earned as well as aligned but your points will not count for ranking.
The signings are made immediately provided the transfer market is open. The computer is responsible for managing the team players who are not assigned and performs actions several times a day.
If you buy a player, the money will be withdrawn from your budget, but if you don´t have enough budget the transfer will fail.
If you have a player that is then removed from the team due to injury or being transferred will be an entry in your budget for the price of the player but can tell you the most profitable sell individually, trying to sell it to the computer or another player before the depreciate too.
Each round all players receive points based on the results of the players in real games of the competition.
If your financial situation becomes less than -10 M is considered that your team is bankrupt and lose the team being absorbed by the machine.
The teams left for 45 days (not made any connection on the page during that period), as banned users are absorbed by the cpu.
The budget has a minimum of -10 and a maximum of 500M.

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