Reto Waterpolo

  • Have you ever seen a waterpolo online game? Enjoy it and destroy your rivals!
  • Manage a waterpolo team can looks easy, but everybody knows appearances can be deceptive... Are you ready?
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Reto Waterpolo

Manage a waterpolo team can looks easy, but everybody knows appearances can be deceptive... Are you ready?

Manage a waterpolo team can looks easy but if you want to break all the RETOS we prove you, you will need all your cleverness and concentration. Do you dare to do it?

If you love waterpolo, this is your game! There're some reasons to play it: you won't find a lot of waterpolo games as good as it and RETOS are exciting.

You can show why you're the best managertaking the challenges we prove you and keep evolving in this interesting and innovative game.

Each RETO starts with different players, teams and situations and you will have a limited time to complete it. There's 8 RETOS to show your skills, improve as manager and overcome with difficulties

DINASTY MODE: In this modality you will use the same club during different seasons. You can gradually upgrade your own team and get a great prize list. The stats of your players stored with the passage of the seasons and the club you will be improving gradually. You can play it as time as you want. Do you feel able to consolidate as the best manager?

SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY: A team with great potential in the past, but due to poor management, has lost some of its power, has now reached a new president with great enthusiasm that brought you as a manager, and provides a huge budget, freedom action but with a goal that will mark your tenure: winning the league!! Objetive: Earn the Competition in one season.

YOUNG PROMISE:You brought your team from the lower to the league of stars, but the competition is very complicated and more rivals are the highest level, but you know your team are young stars and you have absolute control. Survive!! Objetive: Get stay and get at least 6 points out of the relegation zone.

REACH FOR THE STARS: Your team has a good economy, management believes in you, and your fans have high hopes for this season, you need to improve your average team, or buy top players to improve your expectations and get a team ready for higher competitions Objetive: Get a template VG players above 80.

ECONOMIC BOOM: NEED MONEY. Your directive has made it clear to you, this is the last year the team unless it can pay its creditors, and all your need extra capacity for the unenviable amount of 1000 M in just one season, you need a good nose for business and strong willingness to take risks. Objetive: Get a budget of over 1000M at the end of the season.

STRIKE!! You just demote, your fans have lost interest, your players said they want to leave the team and your coach warns you that if you fail to go up this season most likely you will be fired. It's time take the control!! Objetive: Win the league convincingly, with many points, various trophies and a healthy economy.

AMATEUR LEAGUE: Newly created team in the lower divisions, young players with great potential to discover these in a regional league and you have to prove the team deserve to promoted. Objetive: Win the league with at least 60 points.

SPANISH 1ST DIVISION: Play spanish competition Pro-style, with the * real * team and set in the cities and in the current Spanish league. Objetive: Winning the competition and enjoy the game.

Do you accept the challengue?

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