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García Fernández Spain
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Plokhtienko Afghanistan
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Marshall, Andrew United States
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Rodas, Antonio Guatemala
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Rodríguez, Héiner Costa Rica
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Cruz, Minh Hieu Malaysia
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Lourenço da Silva Brazil
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Carretero, Jeremías Cuba
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Zafer, Kamil Palestine
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Chen, Bin China
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Lucchetti, Dario Italy
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Ortega, Gustavo Nicaragua
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García Fernández Albania
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Hughes, Richard Canada
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Torres, Guillermo Paraguay
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Tobar, Carlos El Salvador
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Carías Panama
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Climo, Mustapha Uzbekistan
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Munteanu, Stelian Romania
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Skovbjerg, Kasper Denmark
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Mateo Andorra
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Rodrigues, Marc Monaco
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Lawal, Austin Nigeria
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Sobolev, Yakov Russia
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Hempel, Gunnar Germany
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Dahmane Algeria
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Cissé, Serge-Alain Cote d'ivoire (Ivo.
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Akono Cameroon
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Kooiman, Richard Netherlands
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Janaium, Eduard Cambodia
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Goulis, Charalabos Greece
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What is Popuz?

Popuz is a social network game online manager, thousands of players face daily in the various web games, these games are based principalente in sports (such as football, basketball, water polo or as exotic as hockey and rugby) where players direct a team of elite athletes to victory.

Games have many options and can design the tactics of your team with gral freedom as the ability to customize your shirt or your shield makes you feel the same colors.